Why Experience Based Learning Is The Best Form Of Learning?

Learning can come in many forms and styles, it’s been a devious task for parents to choose from many available variations, most of these are conflicting. Is it wise to place a smart device in your child’s hands and introduce him to one of those learning apps? – such questions spiral endlessly in parents’ minds.

While it can be tasking to choose from the many options at hand, but its best to understand how child psychology works. Children work better in experienced based learning and there are applications and technologies that can deliver that experience. While smart devices, can indeed be addictive, but they also provide elements that can enhance the learning, making it fun and interactive.

Imagine a day at the zoo, your child amidst the chaos and crowd. And you are out to teach your child about the animals around. There’s noise, vendors selling fancy stuff. How can learning be a memorable experience for a child amidst this pandemonium? Especially for a pre-schooler who is about to see a zebra for the first time.

Our SCIFIKIDS app, makes use of AUGMENTED REALITY to bring the best of the learning experience at the palm of your hands. It’s an engaging and interactive process, also parents can equally participate in the learning themselves, making it a more personal and pleasant activity.

Also don’t avoid the experience at the zoo, that’s the most natural way to enjoy the reality. Zoos can be the most fun for kids. Have the kids learn at home and watch them identify and name the animals there – that experience will be priceless!

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