Augmented Reality As a Gateway to Kids Education

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Augmented Reality as a Gateway to Kids Education

Education can be a tricky element for little ones; Parents have tons of flooding options with various brands claiming their name in educational toys or just toys for that matter. There is no standardized list of what to buy for the kids. But with the advent of tablets and other mobile based devices, education is now pocketed, not only is it easy to shop for, you have all the education that can be imparted at a fingertip. One swipe or click and you have visual nursery rhymes, which is just the perfect blend of audio and visual stimulation to get your child excited.

But an educational and learning platform, based entirely on a device! How much would that develop your child’s cognitive abilities? Should the first education to be bestowed on your child be the simple use of their touch on a flatscreen? Where are the crayons to get messy with? Moulding clay?

Augmented Reality is a composite of the digital world with our real world, making it the best learning platform to explore for education. The desired audio-visual elements overlaid on the real world, making it the perfect developmental tool.

With the right implementation of physical activities, Augmented Reality can shape up to be a gateway platform for education. It can serve as an introduction to alphabets, math or even development of vocabulary and it also engages the kid’s creativity. And it also grabs the interest of all those who are dismissive of the usage of technology in education.

Our very own SCIFIKIDS has a variety of fun educational kits, which brings learning to life and also works in the process of building a bond between the parent and child as an activity engaging for both.

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